Ny Malagasy Orkestra is a peculiar adventure that has given itself three goals of durability:

The place of emergences

To make the Orchestra an open space where emerging talents on the Malagasy musical scene will be able to find a place, bringing with them their creative impulse and musical perspective. The new faces of creation will fuel this artistic adventure with their vision, their talent, their desire to make a change in the world...
Just like the Orchestre National de Jazz (National Jazz Orchestra) in France, Ny Malagasy Orkestra is a space designed to slowly transform itself: born as the place of gathering and creation of the best Malagasy musicians, it will in time take the direction imprinted on it by its members and artistic directors…

The place of references

Ny Malagasy Orkestra aspires to become the place and the space where talents bloom. Malagasy artists who are on their way to recognition and/or who have been recently recognized will bring their contribution to their country’s musical heritage by revisiting, rearranging pieces from the heritage, known or little-known, or by creating new compositio...
Ny Malagasy Orkestra’s record production will attempt the impossible: to make each new composition a success, and to make this discography a reference for the history of Malagasy music.

The place of a sustainable economy

All the artists in the world live according to trends and in the economic uncertainty generated by them. Without thinking for a second about escaping current trends, Ny Malagasy Orkestra aspires not only to become a reference in the heritage and in the field of musical creation, but also to become an economic reference in the field of performing arts.
Thereby, we commit to always pay decently the artists who are “staying” within the Orchestra, to systematically pay them for rehearsal time, and to assure these Orchestra members one international tour per year, thus guaranteeing a minimum income.
Ny Malagasy Orkestra aspires to embody an economy of performing arts that is durable and respectful of its employees.